Zero Tran fat incorrectly displayed on Four Margarine and spreads:CASE


While the labels displaying to have “zero trans fat” on the four margarine and vegetable oil-based spreads in reality have traces of it are sold in Singapore.

Although the trans fats were within the legal boundary, the products – Flora Light 500G, Flora Original 500G, Sunny Meadow Spread with Canola Oil 500G and Sunny Meadow Spread with Olive Oil 500G – were discovered to contain trans fat content despite the merchandises’ tags proclaiming it had “zero trans fat”,

Consumer Association of Singapore (Case) had command a test the on 20 common household margarine and spreads sold in Singapore as a result coming out with the findings.

Even though the legal limit of 2 per cent of trans-fat levels was found in bulk of the samples, trans-fat contests were uncovered in four samples.

In line with the international standards which the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) follows food may be categorised as “trans-fat” free provided the food has less than 0.5 per cent of trans-fat. In spite of that unless they have actually no trans-fat they cannot be labelled as containing zero trans-fat.

In a press release on the its finding on 10/3/2017 Case said: “The exact value should still be indicated on the food label and not be rounded down to zero”The AVA will be stepping in to investigate the matter after been notified.

Some samples showed a higher trans-fat content than the declared values on the food label though the consumer watchdog test result.

Upon clarification from the relevant manufacturers and/or importers, Case noted that due to sample treatment and diagnostic procedure, the variance between the professed values and its test results can indorsed to inconsistency.

Shoppers are urged by Case to check the food label when shopping in order to take into contemplation the trans-fat content in the composition and/or ingredients that make up the spread.

Healthier Choice Symbol as managed by the Health Promotion Board are recommended for Consumers to go for.


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