Your tattoos are vile. I’d like someone else to serve me please.”

The guy was probably in his seventies. He was next in line so I called him forward, he sort of looked the other way and pretended he hadn’t heard me. So I smiled and reached out to him “can I help? :):):):):):)” all teethy grin and politeness.

I had my sleeves rolled up, so he looked at my arm with pure disgust and said “I’d like to be served by someone else.” Me being me looked at him with feigned confusion and asked if there was a problem.

“Your tattoos are vile. I’d like to be served by someone else.”

So he buys his items from the (tattooed) cashier next me, then returns to talk to me.

“I would find you quite attractive if you hadn’t ruined yourself with such vile tattoos.”

“Okay,” I said “It’s a shame your opinion has zero impact on me at all, just like my tattoos have zero impact on you,” I smiled. Not only was this guy probably about 50 years older than me, he had been rude to me when I had been nothing but polite to him. I explained that to him, and that I thought he had made himself look a bit of a bigot. I then told him I thought being a bigot was much more unattractive than being tattooed and I smiled a fake, smug, smile to him, and walked away.

Edit: actual photos of my tattoos, instead of a thinly veiled excuse to post a selfie. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your own arm? Very hard, is the answer.

Source: Quora Post by Chloe Reynolds


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