Young Mother’s misplace phone has precious memories of baby hopes the finder would return it!!


I left my iPhone 6 (with a brown back cover) in IKEA tampines nursing room at about 4pm today. Please, i beg you, to return to me. I’ve got all my precious photos of my little boy in there and is something i can never in MY LIFE have it again. You may save up enough to buy another phone, but no money can return the photos i have in there. When i’m old and feeble, and memories failing me, these are the photos that will remind me and family of this amazing little boy i gave life to. Please don’t rob a part of my life away.
Please, please, help me to share this post. And hopefully, by God’s grace, the one who found it will return to me.

The phone has been off, the intention is pretty clear. You are a mommy too, if you have found it in the nursing room. So you know the pain of losing all the memories you have with your baby.
Thank you mummies, do help me out here.

Source: Jac Leow



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