Young Men Evade 8 Dollar Taxi Fare. Lets make him go to jail for 8 dollars



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

On 23rd September, approximately 5 pm my dad was about to change shift while on the way back he saw this man who flagged down his cab and told my dad he was going for an interview near Ubi crescent. Upon reaching his destination, he told my dad he didn’t bring his wallet with him so he told my dad he will transfer the cab fare $8 to him by 30 mins however 2 days had passed he had avoided my dad’s call and text. Even till date he had refused to reply nor pick up any call from us. Its just a $8 cab fare and he even wanted to cheat a 57year old man. SHAME ON HIM !

To All THE HUMANS-BEINGS OUT THERE, Taxi drivers are already having a tough time making a living in Singapore with Uber and Grab drivers presence. And if people like this continue to cheat and they *DESERVED TO BE EXPOSE TO THE PUBLIC*

This kind people need to go jail. Lets make him famous


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