Yishun Repeat Sex Offender – Kidnapped 3 Girls TO MOLEST THEM. WHY YISHUN WHY?!

NP_20170207_SOMOLEST07_1496543 (1)(image source: The Strait TImes)

This paedophile kidnapped three different young girls to another location so he he can molest the young girls in private.

The paedophile is LIM HOCK KENG an assistant manager at some restaurant. From 2013 he committed a total of 9 offences. Punishment not heavy enough.

One girl was only 5 years old when he lure her away from her parents and molested her.

Another occasion happened at Block 640 Yishun street 61 he made “friends” with a six year old girl and molested her. This paedophile got sentenced to 7 year jail bird time and 12 stroke of cane.


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