Work as a Janitor And Get Paid Up To Almost $400,000 Per Year!!!!


janitor1Mr Liang Zhao Zhang, who cleans the Powell Street station in downtown San Francisco, allegedly earned a sum of US$271,243 (S$385,000) in 2015.

The total incorporates his fundamental compensation of US$57,945 and an extra US$162,050 in additional OT pay, open records discharged by non-benefit association Transparent California appeared.

An examination led by neighborhood TV slot KTVU uncovered that Mr Liang’s manager, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart), paid him for apparently working 20 hours a day for 18 back to back days.

He was additionally paid each and every day, including ends of the week, for the entire of 2015.

He is easily one of the richest janitors in the world.


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