Woodland HDB Void deck Full Of Bicycle No Place To Walk


15841466_1371647446213893_708913985_nIndiscriminate storage/parking of bicycles at the void deck of Blk 716 Woodlands Drive 70 has caused great inconvenience and hazard to the residents who lives in the vicinity.

The problem appeared when the Sembawang Town Council decided to let cyclist to park their bicycles at the said location ….and this lead to the surrounding area being littered with bicycles parked indiscriminately. Ironically; MOST of the bicycles belong to NON Singaporean who’re mostly China and Indian workers who works at the nearby Woodlands Industrial Estate. Everyday their company transports would fetch them from the nearby bus stop to their working place .

Despite of ample open space for the storage of the bicycles, the Town Council prefers the cyclist to park at the SMALL and CRAMPED void deck. To worsen the matter; the cyclist has NO SENSE of responsibility and consideration for others.

The cyclist would just left their bicycles at any spot that is empty at the said location. Eventually, the said void deck is full of bicycles and having to walk through the said location is a hazard to the elderly and children. The said constituency is managed by the Chairman of the People Action Party (the PAP) and Minister of Transport; Mr Khaw Boon Wan.


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