1st posted 07 May 2017 @ 01:47 hrs
***Aren’t our children’s lives worth it ?***

Dear Grab,

Grab drivers and riders, like every road user; should observe traffic laws. So kindly address the following system design issues, so that there can be :

– no misinterpretation nor dispute between driver and rider over traffic laws;

– efforts to minimise violation of traffic laws,

– or worse, unnecessary suffering due to accidents arising from such traffic violations.

Thank you !

Grab needs to address these system design issues.

I would propose that (with invaluable input from members’ here, thank you !) :
At the time of opening an account, a rider can fill in :

– total number of adults
– total number of children
– children’s age
– children’s height
– number of child/ booster seats needed (if a rider is aware of traffic laws).
– Save above details in account history.
– For a new booking request, a rider can then modify with changes (if any), key in his next destination.

The system should then broadcast family booking requests only to vehicles registered under GrabFamily – and not to JustGrab/ GrabCar.

So that JustGrab/ GrabCar drivers do not incur fruitless time/ resources to proceed to a pickup point. Then forced to cancel a family booking because he does not carry a child seat. 🙁

On to my next point. Traffic law mandates that a vehicle can only carry as many riders, as there are seat-belts i.e. everyone including children must be buckled up (i)

So for a 4-door sedan, carrying 4 adults and 1 child is illegal. But some riders/ drivers may not be aware of this traffic law.

I propose that a rider provides the total number of adults and children (if any), before a booking request can be broadcasted.

After which, the system should be programmed to match the total number of riders in a party, with an appropriately-sized vehicle; or one equipped with a child seat (if so required).

Traffic police :
“Generally, any ***driver*** who causes death in a traffic accident will be arrested for causing death by rash act – ***accidental or not.***” (ii)


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