• • • NTUC Foodfare Food Court —

I encounter. a pervert at ntuc fair food court at admiralty mrt yesterday. That uncle kept on staring at me when i was makan at the food court. Even i move to the seat behind him.

He kept on tuming his back to stare at me. When i wan. to leave. He stood up as well. I let him went down first and went down a few mins later. Even the female drink seller also notic. that man kept on staring at me. She said he us. to watch those explicit pictures publicly at the foodcourt.

I went down after 5 mins and saw him standing next to the escalator and sta. at me and start. follw. me. He left when i approach. security guard whom threaten would call 999. The security guard escort. me to the mrt.

When the security guard left. He came up to the platform sat next to me, took out his shoes and sta. at me again. I call. police. The old uncle told the police that he confirm. i am a masseuse, an inappropriate woman that does extra job. Then he kept on made noise there said i got mental problem. I told the police that i wont pursuit the case when they told me he might got condition problem. But i need. police to guarantee he wont stalk me anymore.


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