13 March 2018 , 8.27pm ,
Harbourfront Centre Atrium

Let’s make this 2 insolent ladies famous!!!

As u guys can see in this video, how rude and churlish these 2 staffs were when handling a customer. Just look at their shitty attitudes when i was talking to them nicely.

All i did was, asking the skinny staff nicely what other colours of the product they have..
And there goes her attitude towards me.

If u think u dont like to serve customers then please quit your job instead of making your customers’ mood to shop turns ugly.

The story goes like this…
The moment i asked a question to the skinny lady, her face turned glum as if she’s lazy to entertain a customer’s enquiries. All i want to know if there were any other colours available..

That’s all. She gave me an attitude And then she went to her friend which was standing behind the cashier and started to BAD-MOUTHING me (without realising that i was standing right behind her at that point of time) in chinese language (which i clearly understands what she said). And so i approached the skinny lady and asked her why are u bad-mouthing about me? Is it wrong for me to ask more about the products that you were handling?

AND SHE IGNORED ME as if i was not there! So i told her if she dont like serving customer plus with her lack of service and crappy attitude that she is giving, might as well u quit your job. And then suddenly her colleague (the one standing behind the cashier) TOLD HER TO IGNORE ME in chinese language (duhhh.. as if i dont understand; which i clearly does)!

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WOMAN TRIES TO SHAME RETAIL WORKERS BUT BACKFIRES!! (VIDEO)STORY: https://www.singaporeuncensored.com/woman-tries-to-shame-retail-workers-but-backfires/

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Is this how staffs should treat their customers?!! I clearly know not everything is “customer’s are always right” BUT in this case, it was obvious that i was not in the wrong to be angry with these kind of Attitudes given right?

After i received their shitty attitude, i asked them nicely again (for dont know how many times already) for their names and where is your manager. THEY IGNORED ME AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!! So i decided to take a video of them and then only they started to answered my questions BUT STILL THEY WERE SO RUDE!!!
Everything i asked all they answered was DONT KNOW, DONT KNOW and DONT KNOW?!!!
Even their Names also they DONT KNOW?!!
Bullshit right? I was so damn furious but lucky i managed to control my anger.

I came there happily to shop and this was what i get from these 2 insolent staffs. Really turned my day upside down.

Seriously #PierreCardin #Sorella #YoungHearts #Felancy , you need to do something about these 2 staffs of yours..

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13 March 2018 , 8.27pm ,Harbourfront Centre AtriumLet's make this 2 insolent ladies famous!!!As u guys can see in…

Posted by DiaNa Daniel on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


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