I am posting this for EVERYONE TO SHARE & STIR ! For the two fatherless ones to see this clearly again. I won’t mind if reporters got to come again, Please call more in for me, I will make sure I blow this Saga bigger than you can expect.

On 21st Sept 2017, After an exciting Court Session, eventually both me & Keong was stopped by Joyce Seah the legal wife of Keong outside FJC. She said she wanted to have a private talk with her husband in regards to her two kids. BUT UNFORTUNATELY I Definately Won’t allow that.

She has totally no ways to speak to her husband privately. Staring at him is no longer useful. Her legal husband ALLOWED ME to scream at her & he himself even shouted at her. When joyce questioned him why did he allow me to hurt his kids in this way.

Joyce, Please remember what Your legal husband said that day. Words came out from his own mouth. Also for you two to see and to know what Your daddy said. 我现在跟你和两个孩子已经没有关系了 !

Don’t bother using your two kids as an empathy card. It’s NO LONGER useful. He WON’T CARE & WON’T BE ALLOWED TO CARE FOR THE TWO FATHERLESS KIDS! As I told him back in 2016,when he made the decision to choose me. HE CAN ONLY CHOOSE EITHER ME OR HIS FAMILY. Rmb to enjoy yr $350 for the nxt 3 months with the two FATHERLESS KIDS yeah. Don’t tell me abt being heartless,as I am absolutely a HEARTLESS Mother! 所以你的孩子的死活更本不关我的事! DON’T Tell me about karma because One day if the same thing were to happen to me, I will just throw Ah Keong & this child Together OUT OF MY FLAT EMPTY HANDED!

Without any hesitation, Now the Flat he is living belongs to me. I CAN THROW HIM OUT anytime as long as I don’t get what I want or when things don’t go my way! Just like how I walk out from my own kids! I am only 22yr old,I still have the youth. I still have LOTS of restart buttons in my life to use. NOTHING can tie me down in anyway. Unlike Joyce life has totally been destroyed by an broken marriage, at the Age of 43, having a valid marriage Cert but can’t have her husband by her side.

Worst still, Being tied down with two kids. Totally no chance to restart her life freely again. But well, I will reach that age too later in my life too. Youth is never permanent.

I am posting this for EVERYONE TO SHARE & STIR ! For the two fatherless ones to see this clearly again. I won't mind if…

Posted by Regina Kam on Saturday, September 23, 2017


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