WOMAN SAID GRAB – “Over promised and under delivered”


My feedback was given on Thursday. No one called me until Saturday afternoon. I was busy, thus requested a call back on Sunday afternoon instead, the caller agreed and the phone was hung up.

No call on Sunday.

Just few minutes ago, this Kim from Social Media called me and asked me “how can she help me?” Isn’t this utter joke? No communication between departments? You expect an angry customer to repeat herself again and again and again like a broken recorder? I believe the calls are all recorded, so, she doesn’t have any initiative to check the root cause before calling?

She still had a cheek to ask me to CALM DOWN when I was so agitated upon knowing that I have to repeat my whole issue which has happened last Thursday. Best part is, she acknowledged and agreed for me to post whatever which has happened in the media. How nice of her.

Now this $5 cancellation fee is really pissing me off big time.

Over promised and under delivered, coming from a Temasek Holding shared company, is this a joke? I think the rest of the SME can provide a better service than your company. If your company is ain’t sincere in doing customer recovery, please don’t go around and piss the angered customer off big time.

Her initial post:

I would like to feedback on the cancellation fee which I have been slapped with. I booked your company service this evening. After almost 8 mins of waiting, your driver cancelled my ride request. I was left with no choice but to get another ride. To my horror, the next available driver was at least 15 mins away from where I’m staying.

If I’m not rushing for time, I would have gotten the public bus services. And because of this long lead time given, I have cancelled my ride. And, I got charged for $5 for cancellation.

I called up your hotline. Instead of getting sympathy, I got the worse service ever. I know it’s your company policy to penalize on cancellation and such but there is no need for your customer service to repeat herself again and again on the policy, instead of hearing me out.

It took your manager at least a good whole 15 minutes before answering my call. Same thing, repeated the whole policy again and again. Not listening to me and the worse thing is, she intercepted each time when I want to speak.

Is this a service rendered by a Temasek Holding shared company supposed to provide? $5 is nothing to me. If you check my records, I have been using your company service almost everyday and even supported your grab credits promotions.

Anyway, I will forward my feedback to the papers tomorrow since your manager was “ok” when I said that I will write to the press.

Source: Ellen


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