So here I am lying on the bed at ng teng Fong’s A&E after my meal at Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 Jurong point branch

Specifically told them I’m allergic to seafood and asked for dishes without

Ordered their spinach with three eggs dish
And double checked again when it’s served and waiter said there isn’t any.

Had a few mouth and felt weird and found shreds of unknown ingredient that looked like scallop.
Asked again and the waiter deny there was any scallop and said it’s just shredded egg.

By then I stopped eating the dish and was feeling uncomfy and my skin started itching badly. My eye started swelling as well.

Asked another waiter and kinda got brushed off
Till the 4th time the waiter finally agreed to ask the kitchen after I emphasis it looked like scallop n I am allergic to shellfish

The waiter came back saying “oh they put a little bit inside only”

By that time my heart start racing and I couldn’t even reply or what so my mum had to bring me to the nearest GP which didn’t make me better and I ended up at the A&E with drips n injection

Dad went back to the restaurant and all they said was “we will feedback to management”

This is not the first time I been through such situation at restaurants or hawkers
There is a serious lack of awareness of food allergies in Singapore
N food vendors should know and that one careless mistake can be life threatening

I’m considered lucky to end up on a bed at A&E. There are people who die from this.

“A little bit inside only” is still considered as having the ingredient. One mouth is enough to trigger my allergy attack.
It’s really depressing to go through this as I can’t control such situation.

It’s not about compensation or what though I spent like almost $200 for the attack already and needles are painful to me
But to raise the awareness of food allergies and it’s seriousness! And how management n food vendors should react better!


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