Woman get “friendzone” by tinder date!!



Recently, I met this guy from tinder. We exchanged contacts very soon and have been talking on Whatsapp for a few weeks. After using tinder for awhile, I got a feel of how the guys are like and I find that he’s very different from other guys from such apps.

He would send me good morning and goodnight texts almost everyday and reply as and when he’s free throughout the day. Even when he was on a holiday trip overseas, he would still message me and send me all the nice scenery photos he took. We talk about anything under the sun and his replies are usually very long.

He has told me that he felt inadequate sometimes because he felt that guys of his age should have pretty much settled down in their career but he hasn’t done so. This made him very insecure when it comes to finding a partner. Hence he said he would rather remain single and focus on building on his career first. So I kind of took it as a hint that he only wants to be friends with me. Moreover, he has never made any romantic advances.

The thing now is that I feel that I like him more as we slowly learn more about each other. Conversations with him are always so thought provoking and meaningful. I feel that he’s a very good listener and he’s very open to different ideas and not quick to judge. He seems like a very humble and down to earth guy. When he told me he’s very keen on watching the latest blockbuster movie, I suggested watching it with him although it doesn’t interest me. He rejected me as he felt that it would be unfair to me to watch something I’m not interested in and suggested that we should watch something I am interested in. For that i felt that he’s quite a sweet person. But he already said that he wishes to focus on his career first. So, can I still go out with him as friends when I am somehow attracted to him? Can I also assume that he has no interest in me at all? I would love to hear your advice!

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