Woman Claim Her Husband Got CURSE BY THAI Black Magic GONG TAO.

Can i post here too?? Please advice.. my pregnant friend’s husband go thailand he was caught having sex with a prostitute. The attitude of the husband suddenly changed.  He now hates his Singapore wife who is currently pregnant. After seeking advice from a friend, The woman believed that her husband has been cursed or charmed by thailand black magic AKA GONG TAO and cursed her whole family. Ever since then the husband has been going to Thailand very often and every time this guy comes back from he will scold the sg wife for no good reason..
And investing the thai woman. We found out from her fb that the thai woman is a bomoh. She provides black magic service in thailand. My husband do not believe his family,wife or friends and insist that the real devils are his own family
 Become a single mother in singapore is not an easy job… i really pity her.. please advice.. that thai woman keep push them to divorce so she can come Singapore and stay with him.
Submitted by: Nong Poy Yek

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