Woman At Woodlands Wait Outside ATM Asking For Money



Hi Singapore Uncensored,

I was drawing money at Woodlands 888 plaza, an indian woman was seated next to the ATM and asking every single person to give her $50 after drawing money.

Last week, i was queuing up for my turn and notice this shady woman sitting there and staring at people queueing up at the ATM. In Front of me was a young teenager and the woman stared at him intensively waiting for his withdrawal to complete. Initially in my mind i was thinking that woman was going to grab the money.

she quietly waited for the boy to finish the withdrawal and asked him

“Can you give me $50?” 

The boy ignore and went off. Soon it was my turn and the woman did the same and asked me for money. I ignored and went off. I managed to snap this picture before i leave. Please beware of people like this especially at night. You never know what they would resort to after multiple rejections.

Submitted By: Alan Teo


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