Wife Caught Husband With Vietnam Girl. Locks Wife Out Of House Till Police Come



A 60-year-old driver has locked his wife out of his home after he was caught in the act bringing a Vietnamese girl to his home. The incident happened in the evening at Blk 90 of Redhill.

After locked out by the husband, the wife had no choice but to call all her family members including a granddaughter to the scene to force the husband to open the door. The family members urge the 60 year old to open the door but he ignored them and continue hiding in the house with the Vietnamese girl.


The wife had no choice but to call the police.

“We knocked the door for half an hour but my husband still refused to open the door.

“I then called the police.”

The man finally exited the house after the arrival of the policeman. The police escorted him out of the house.




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