Why Playground Only Got The letters P-A-P? Brainwash?


PAPLook at this photograph taken at a neighborhood play area, is it accurate to say that this is how citizens hard earned tax money are spent? To fabricate play areas that laud the PAP and not for the pleasure in Singaporean youngsters?

Why ought to the turning letters in order all be P and A? Does this bode well? Shouldn’t the letters in order be start to finish or tic tat to?

Is it true that this is how the PAP attempt to mentally condition our young children into supporting them from youth? Is it true that this is the work of bootlickers who can’t avoid the opportunity to bow down to these more white than white legislators?

If you don’t mind be reasonable and put citizen cash for better utilize, not spend it on pointless things like this to make the PAP feel great.


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