“Why I Rather Marry A Mountain Turtle Village Girl Than A Singapore Girl!”


girls-night-out_3_30905842_censoredAfter seeing the NUS whisper gold digger article. I decided to write this article I was born and raised in Singapore.

I was taught to respect girls and “let girls win” and never get into arguments with the opposite sex. But in this day and age. Things are different from my mother’s era. Most Singaporean woman are only into how much i earn and what car i drive. Yes i do earn a monthly 5 figure salary a month. But the more i earn the more i suspect if the woman is genuinely into me or just into my bank accounts.

True most women want a guy with financial stability to feel safe. If i was given a choice between a village girl and Singapore girl i would chose the village girl.


Some of you might think “oh the village girl married you because you rich”. Both side of the coin might be into money but the thing is i would rather marry someone that can take care of me and my kids than a typical Singaporean girl that do not even know how the fire on the stove looks like.

Again some of you might say “marry girl or maid”. It’s not about that. The only way to win a guy’s heart is through stomach. But remember guys have emotions too. It’s like a dream to come home to dinner from my wife and welcome by my kids. Imagine marrying a modern girl that is only addicted to the current trend and fashion and contribute next to nothing to the family.

get pissed about me all you want. But this is how i feel. Im not saying all Singapore woman are like this. But there is just too many like this…

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