Why are Singaporean guys marrying foreigner girls?




They are unequivocally obstinate and demand a great deal of effort from  – because of man should take care of woman culture in Singapore as if it a god given things.

They demand they are correct, and need you to concede that you are incorrect. They trade off close to nothing.(wants you to pamper them like a princess but treats you like man servant.)

They won’t want to take your surname. Though i have just observed a couple that does as such, and every one of them wedded white folks.

You will feel like you are wedding a person accomplice, instead of a companion.

From my experience, many don’t need kids. The individuals want’s identity the religious sort.

You supposedly can expect nothing from them, yet they would expect the world from you.

They are free, profession disapproved – because of equivalent open door environment in Singapore, They would want to marry up and not down.

They would want to know your past history of relationship but remain tight lipped when you ask about them.( Get overly sensitive when your ex-gf on the streets say hi to you.)

They demand gender equality but shy away from the hard part of being a guy.(eg. doing heavy work)


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