Which hotel have the best view for F1 Singapore



F1 Grand Prix have been held in Singapore since 2008 till date. The tickets are expensive therefore alternative like hotel booking is made popular among people that could not afford the tickets.

Burning question is which hotel have the best view for F1 Grand Prix Singapore?

Here are some recommendation not in any specific order:-

1) Swissotel the Stamford & Fairmont Hotel

Swissotel the Stamford & Fairmont Hotel is located right beside Turn no.9 of the Grand Prix circuit. If you are planning to book a room to enjoy the race, do it as soon as possible before all the rooms are taken. It is recommend to ask for room between level 15 onward and face the track.

2) Maritus Marina Mandarin

Meritus Mandarin hotel is located near to Turn no.7 of the circuit. If you feel rich and wish to invite the whole kampong to celebrate this once-a-year event. You may call the hotel and ask about their Grand Prix packages. The price of the room starting from $600 onward per night from 16 September to 18 September 2016.

3) Fullerton Hotel

Fullerton Hotel located beside Turn no.13. Being a low laying building, it definitely give a different experience from the other hotel mention here. Rooms are from SGD 760 per night onwards.

4) Ritz Carlton Millennia

Ritz Carlton Millennia located near Turns no.19 and 20 is one of the perfect location to experience the Grand Prix. Rooms are from SGD 1,350 per night onwards, more information in regards to the package you may wish to call the hotel and enquire.


What are you guys waiting for? Go gather a group of friends and experience the adrenaline of the race!
Strongly recommend to call, enquire and book before all the room are taken!!



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