Want Marry A (Ex)Work Permit Holder? Think Again. Singapore Law Is Driving Many Nuts


work-permitI am in a relationship with a China Work Permit holder. We are serious with this relationship. He had proposed and wanted to marry soon as we are in a relationship for 2 years already but are there any way that I can marry a Work Permit holder? He had been working in this current company for 3 years and had requested for S Pass. The company wanted to give him but his highest degree is only a vocational high school in China therefore the company hesitated and told him to wait for another 3 to 6 years.

I myself is a SPR for 2 years with income above 3K but they say it won’t help much as I’m the female side. Marrying outside singapore is an option but to do that we won’t be able to stay in singapore because PRs can not marry WPs, right? Me moving to China also impossible because my ability to read & speak chinese sucks. I love Singapore, that’s why I don’t want to leave this country… Please, need an advise… Thanks in advance!

(submitted by: lonely boy)


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