Vietnam Club Girl Steal My Husband and Claim Accepted By The Family


15107406_224603501302675_4688050954864358023_n_censoredSo here are the evidences of my husband is cheating on me. she clearly know that he is a married man and she chose to be involved in his life. So she finally responded to be by scolding me nasty things. So Hi Quynh chili thanks for responding to my message. I have been trying to contact you guys. I didn’t upload your photo and your son photo for nothing. For your information, Kenji Lim Yong Hao is still my husband. We are not divorce yet. We are still married as husband and wife in Singapore and Vietnam. We have two young beautiful boys. One is 2 years old and another is 5months old (FYI).

I have file for divorce but my husband refused to as he claimed that he still loves me. And he is playing with you for pleasure. I understand that he gambled and won $51000 SGD. That was when he decided to go drink and look for some pleasure. He met you in whatever places that is call “KTV”, “PUB” or “CLUB” whereby you are working there as “call girl” say nicer to be call singer in Singapore. Please understand the whole situation before you getting involved in my family. He brought you home while his parents as my parents in law were overseas and I was not in town. He was alone taking care of our youngest son who he claimed to be his nephew.15219437_224603514636007_5505976512783534810_n_censored

Use your common sense to think, my wedding photo is still in the room. While my clothes are in the cupboard. Don’t claimed that my parents in law accepted you because they have no ideas who are you and your existence. He treating your son as a replacement of his sons.
Everyone in the world please be my witness, she ( Quỳnh Chili) is using nasty words on me. When I wasn’t even using any nasty words on her.

@QuynhChili – How about I report you to the Singapore government that you are working in night life and committing adultery with other people husband. You are destroying people marriage. Stopping you from entering to Singapore? I didn’t want to do it as I believe you are a victim too. But since you didn’t come to your senses, I should let the world knows about you destroying people marriage. As a third party you should feel sorry instead of saying me.
On the other, if love is blind please tell my HUSBAND KENJI LIM YONG HAO to come back Singapore as soon as possible to settle the divorce and give me my two sons because I believe if you want to marry him, you would mistreat my sons. So ask KENJI LIM YONG HAO to come back NOW. STOP DESTROYING MY LIFE. THANKS

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