Used needle found under public toilet paper dispenser



Public service announcement, to all my friends, families and to the public.

Please be careful when using the public toilets. Check the bottom of the toilet paper dispensers before you reach for it.

There are used needles that are purposely placed under the toilet paper dispensers by some inconsiderate human beings. It is possible that these needles are used and contaminated with blood-borne diseases/viruses such as eg. Hepatitis B, HIV etc.

If you ever get injected by one of these, please go to your doctors or the nearby hospitals for a check up.

Note: HIV infections does not show immediately. It takes around 12 weeks for your body to show any positive results. Meanwhile, the doctor maybe providing you TRUVADA pills (PrEP pills) to help prevent you from getting HIV infections.

Many thanks. Take care everyone.

Facebook post by Kenny Chiu


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