Becareful frens while driving for a living…

This morning…i received an uberpool request frm this couple n soon after, another pool request came in…so after i hd picked up the riders…i proceed wit the journey n as usual uber apps system was the one who decide who to send first…correct?

In this case,it happened that uber apps decided that i had to send the 2nd rider”s destination first…
Nothing happened at the begining n it was a smooth long trip frm lavendér to NTI area until i was about to reach the 2nd rider’s location then the husband started to question me as in why i send the other rider first instead of them…

i explained to him thay it was not me n its the apps who wanted it that way n advised him that he can feedback with uber for any unhappiness be it wit the driver,the system etc…at this point he hd already raised his voice n asked me to send him to his house which is nearby instead of his original destination…once again i told him nicely that for uberpool request we cannot change destination..

but for courtesy gesture im willing to send if its really nearby n if he stop raising his voice…but this time he started shouting including abusive language which triggered me to ask them to get out of the car to avoid further unwelcome argument…upon hearing this…he yelled to me that he will not pay for the fare…which decided me to settle it at the nearest police station…

soon after…while driving to police station… he attempted to forced open the passengger auto door n threatened to jump off n injured himself…i immediately stopped in the centre of the road n after several tries ,he managed to open the door by FORCE n he eventually jumped off….after i checked that he was ok at the roadside…i droved off to parked at the side of the road n immediately called for police assistance….

While waiting for police…he once again…agressively provoked me wit body contacts…..asking what i want now…which i ignored and advised him to talk to the policeman later….

His rashed act resulted in the damaged of the door rollers n several deep scretches as shown in the pictures….
Haaaaiiiizzzz…once again…take care guys….n happy driving..

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