Unhappy Maid Punch 2 Year Old Boy After Being Told Off By Employer


Ayunda Lestari Dayuki, A 24 year old maid, punched her boss’ 2-year-old child after she got into a disagreement with her employer. She got imprisoned for 4 months for abusing the kid at her boss’ Bukit Batok level on 22 September 2016.

She additionally confessed to hitting the kid’s head with a wooden can brush.

Ayunda had begun working for the family in September a year ago.

On 21 September, her manager checked her home’s CCTV and found her resting in the lounge room while she was out at work, when is supposed to be taking care of the 2-year-old kid. Her boss rang her and admonished her for resting.

Her boss rang her and scolded her for resting.

The following day, the kids father found out that there is a red mark on the back of the boy’s head.

Examinations found that Ayunda had hit the kid on the head when he declined to shower and began to cry. She punched the back of his head 3 times and utilized a latrine brush to hit his head.


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