Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I would like to alert the members of the public on the ugly behavior of a certain Singapore GP staff.

I am a part ad-hoc security officer who was deployed for security duties at Singapore Grand Prix 2017. I would like to share an unpleasant experience that happened to me during the F1 Race.

On the last day of the F1 race , which was the 17th September 2017 (Sunday) , I was stationed at Zone 2 Track 5 next to Singapore Flyer. My duties were not to let anyone climb over the barrier and not taking photos or videos of the race. At about 8.45pm towards the end of the race , I was overwhelmed by a group of VIPs who were taking photos of the race. I tried my best to clear them away and told them not to take photographs. However they did not comply

As I was trying to clear them away , Mr NgXXXXX , A Management Staff Of Singapore Grand Prix came to the spot in a very aggressive manner and started screaming at me at the TOP of his voice. He claimed that I was not doing my duties and started abusing me verbally with profanities. I explained to him that I Was trying my best to clear the crowd , but he was not ready to listen to my explaination. I suggested that I needed an Auxiliary Police Officer from Aetos to assist me , as I felt that I could better manage the situation with the help of an APO. He then pushed me very hard on my chest and asked to call my manager.

I was taken aback by his action and questioned him why he had to use physical force on me. He then charged towards me. A few staffs from the other department came to stop the commotion and also to restrain him from using further physical force against me as he was very agitated and aggressive. I then called my colleague to ask my manager to come to the scene.

My manager came to the scene to investigate the issue. Mr Ng then claimed to my manager that I was not doing my job and he shouted at me , as it was noisy and as the race was ongoing , but at that moment of the incident there was no cars. He denied pushing me at first , after I told that there were witnesses who saw him pushing me , he claimed that he pushed me as I was too close to him but I was atleast one arm length away from him. Soon his fellow colleagues of Singapore Grand Prix and superiors came to the scene. Without further investigation they asked my manager to remove my F1 pass and leave the place. My manager complied to their orders as they did not want to lose their contract with Singapore Grand Prix.

I was told to hand over the F1 pass and leave the place. I felt very hurt and insulted as no one was willing to listen to my part. Mr Ng XXXX also twisted and turned the story to his favour. I was the victim here and there was no justice done. Instead I was treated unfairly and told to leave immediately. The company that I worked for also did not take any form of action against Mr Ngn for using Physical Force on me. Instead the Operations Manager of my company took sides with him as they were acquaintances. I then handed over the pass and left the scene with my one of The Eye-witness. I proceeded to lodge a police report against Mr Ng of Singapore Grand Prix.

This incident has deeply traumatised me.

How can an Event Organiser Of A highly reputable organisation lay his hands on a Licensed Security Officer and go Scott free?

I was not given any opportunity to explain myself instead I was accused and told to leave. He did not even apologise to me for what he did. This shows that Security Officers do not have any form of respect from Event Organisers.

Being in the Security Industry is not an easy job and we have to endure all these nasty and unpleasant experiences with our mouths shut. The official also behaved unprofessionally.

What if I had behaved in a similar manner as him towards him. I would have been banned from events and my security license would have been revoked.

I urge Singapore Grand Prix to educate it’s staffs and officials to be more professional. I hope that this would be an one off incident and not happen to fellow security officers who are doing events.

Members of public please share this incident to spread awareness on the ugly Singapore Grand Prix officials.

Thanks for taking your time in reading through my unpleasant experience.


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