<Complaint by Kelly Tan>

Horrible uber driver! Lucky I’m the only one who injured ! Told us can alight already my mum and nephew alighted while I carried my Daughter down halfway only he drove the car off my Husband still inside the car sitting in the front seat! Wth! he alighted and say he park his car and come over BUT he fled off!!!! I’m going to file a police report SLD9915M

** I’ve filed a police report!

And oso lodged a complaint to uber thur email and fb. I hope they will take this seriously! This driver really very reckless and irresponsible pls help to share and hunt “him” down ! I think she is a lady. Seriously I’m not too sure she is a man or a women cuz she look alike man but oso women.

when we got on her car my mum haven’t close the door yet she drove the car off and that was the first shock she gave us when we told her that the door was not closed yet she then slow down her vehicle..thus nothing happen so we never take it seriously until alighting time and this happened!

Luckily I carried my Daughter and I managed to put her down to the side of road but she landed on her buttock crying so badly! But me being dragged by the moving car one of my leg in car another on the road and I fall off causing injuries to my poor knee cap and foot.

Thanks god nothing happen to my Daughter. I can’t Imaging I put my Daughter down standing next to the car what worse could happen to her or the car will go over me or my leg when I fall?? Seriously I can’t imaging if thing got worse! If we landed the wrong way, we could easily end up suffering from more than just a sore bottom. This can cause life threatening!

Still got the cheek to say she is medic and she park her car and will be back! She just fled off and blocked my number! Karma will definitely fall on her!


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