Two Young ladies have be discovered dead at Aloha Changi!!


Two young Chinese ladies have been discovered dead at a stand alone single-story chalet at Aloha Changi early Thursday morning.

Teo Wan Si, 20 and Chua Hui Hsien, 24, were pronounced dead at the scene at 2am, after a five hour search for them

The pair, said to be very close companions, were discovered dead on the chalet’s lavatory floor, nearby two compartments holding copied fiery debris.

A similar paper additionally detailed that point of entries were bolted from within and windows were closed when the police arrived. The two ladies were said to be have been dead for some time before they were found.

It is said that Chua had booked the chalet a day prior to she check-in there with Teo. The noted included that it is likely the two ladies had contemplating suicide.

It remained solitary at the foot of a slant, isolated from alternate chalets. A little heap of fiery debris was likewise observed on the ground before the primary entryway.

Aloha Changi’s administration declined to remark when gotten some information about the occurrence.

Police have ordered the case as unnatural passing and are examining.


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