Two Singaporean uncle fighting over Thai girl outside Golden Mile Complex


golden-mile-complex-singapore-inside-470(Photo of Golden Mile Complex for reference)

Dear Editor,

Two old Singaporean uncle fighting over a Thai girl outside golden mile complex after drinking hour.

I was drinking at J-Dee pub yesterday night and two uncle was fighting outside Golden Mile Complex. One of the friend told me that the Thai girl wanted to go home with another man therefore his friend is unhappy and challenge him to a fight.

Below is their conversation between the two uncle:-

Uncle 1: “Eh P*b you only a customer and i am the boyfriend who the F*** you think you are??”
Uncle 2: “Poopae is mine!! You don’t touch her! I had enough of you touching her in the club!”
Uncle 1: “Kn*!! She let me touch! Not happy fight la! Lai!”

Uncle 1 then punch Uncle 2 in the face.
The fight was broken up by passerby who called the police.

Is Thai girl the main cause of the fight or Singaporean man are too naive?
What do you guys think?


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