Traffic Police to install speed camera that traces drivers over a distance!


When a speed camera or traffic cop spots you, slamming the brakes might not be able to escape from being book with a speeding offense anymore.

The new speed cameras projected to be implemented over the first quarter of next year kicking off with Tanah Merah Coast Road will be able to identify the speed of drivers who are going over a inter space.

Traffic Police has make a formal public statement for its release of annual statisticss on Feb 15 (Wed) about the new two point system which noted the duration an automobile takes to journey thru and forth the two points to calculate the average speed within the restriction zone.

Even though with improved speeding situation from previous year with speeding accidents falling by 10.4 per cent to 1.081, and number of death resulting from speeding accident from 48 to 40 enforcement is likely to be tighter on the speeding offense.



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