Top 5 Singapore Laws That Seem Crazy To Foreigners


Singapore is well known to for being one of the most strict countries in the world. to foreigners some of the laws just seems to be crazy!!

Being Gay Could Land You In Jail(only apply to males)!

gay-life-in-singaporeUnder the Penal Code Chapter 224 Section 377A, Any male is punishable with imprisonment up to 2 years if found to have sex with member of the same gender. The punishment is not limited to just sex. It includes inappropriate touching and kissing. The most ridiculous part of the law is it only mention about male. What about females?

Being naked and walking around the house is illegal!

ST20082009-154520/Wong/SujinThomas/Sentencing: Chua Hock Hin, 56 yrs-old charged with nude in his home.

: Chua Hock Hin, 56 yrs-old charged with nude in his home.(Image source: ST)

Singapore is a country that bans all porno material such as videos and pictures. There are no legal distribution of such media in Singapore. Being naked and walking in your home is considered one type of pornography. If someone were to report you. Prepare to pay a maximum of $2000 or jail bird time of 3 months. Prepare to be labeled as a porno distributor in Singapore!






Chewing Gum Is illegal!

chewing-gumTo most Singaporeans this is a known fact. Sometimes you see people bringing in gum from our neighbour Malaysia to enjoy some chewing gum.

This is due to the fact that many monkeys cannot dispose the gum properly and sticking the gum to public properties such as the bus stop and MRT!


Drinking from 10.30pm to 7am is Illegal

14-drinking-games-to-spruce-up-your-night-outYes boys you heard it. Drinking after 10.30pm is illegal unless in a premise where the sale of alcohol is permitted.

“Oh im just going to step out of the bar for a smoke with my beer”

Prepare to get fine! You are off premise!

Forgot to flush the toilet? Prepare for fine!

Oh yes even many Singaporean are unaware of such a law. The fine for getting caught for not flushing the toilet is $500!


Committing Suicide is illegal. wait what?!

If you fail to commit suicide, you will be arrested! In the past Singapore used to have this rumour of handcuffing the corpse of the suicider.



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