TO EVERY Milo Fans READING THIS : Milo Cubes actually exist!


Mention Milo nearly every Singaporean will tell you that is their go to drink or snack. It something that literally enjoy for breakfast lunch and dinner with its perfect blend of chocolate malt!

Milo chocolate bar and Milo nuggets are the few alternatives that are super delicious other that the Milo powder that produce our drinks. What a delight for Singaporean is were to find Milo being discovered in another form CUBES!! Can you believe it???

Behold its breathtaking appearance, it is known as Milo Energy Cubes. A neitzen sum it up nicely as the densest, crunchiest tiny cube of chocolate cookie he ever had.

Don’t be hold back in disbelief by its sheer size which is hard in texture as it was complemented to be very mouth watering! There are two ways to consume them to let them slowly dissolve in your mouth or the usage of teeth to “destroy’ them.

To our surprise, its sold for about S$4 for 100 cubes but the catch is that it can be found in selected countries in Nigeria, Ghana, UK. Being such a hype up product it makes us wonder why isn’t the NESTLE in Singapore importing it for supermarkets.?



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