This FT Tenant From Hell Rent My House And Make It Look Like Sh*t


I rented my unit to an FT for 1year lease when it was about to end he had asked for an extension but had put forward some terms which I was not agreeing on…..and it dragged weeks after months have past he keeps changing his mind from time to time tho his contract ended he paid rent and carry on staying another 2months. Finally, he convinced me and we both agreed on a new sofa and a 2yrs lease…..with 3months min stay than 2months termination notice.
I had met him a couple of times and had passed him the new contract when he was contemplating on whether to sign 2 yrs contract.every month he would text me asking for a signed copy but I ignored.

When Nov started I was going to go Overseas so I told him that he can leave if he still doesn’t want to sign the contract even after receiving the new sofa as promised.

He gave excuses saying that he had placed one copy in the office file and forgot to sign or bring the copy of the contract which he claimed he had already signed. Upon checking the next day found a forged signature of mine than I realized he had done something in order to get the company to pay the rentals on the months that was after the first contract ended. i countersigned on it making it obviously known that something was wrong with that contract somehow I forgot where it was and so kept it saying he needs to submit that to office…..I allowed him since i had already taken a snapshot of it.

While signing the new agreement he showed me another annex a document prepared by him stating they I would take care of the heater. So I immediately stopped him and remarked in the terms that to get an electrician to rectify if the damage was done by the tenant. He got agitated and I just got my contract signed and left
As far as I know he is someone
who manipulates his story and makes things difficult for ppl so I had informed him that if he try’s to do any more changes and put Me In a difficult situation I would ask him to vacate.
I refused to hand him the copy which I had was afraid he might do something with it. Upon signing the dates were changed on the back page indicating the start and end since the first page was filled by tenant the next month from the date previous contract had ended. But I informed him I cannot do that since he dragged it and cannot back date contract when the company was mentioned as one of the tenants.

He didn’t stamp the contract terminated it within 2 weeks of signing, demanded deposit to be returned, threatened to lock the unit and leave India….and in the event, I failed to comply he would just leave my unit damaged and not return SG…..Not knowing what I can do as I’m aware police can’t do anything….I managed to inform him that I will lock the gate and not let him go to the airport if I Dnt have any proof. He agreed to pay $1300 so I took the chance to state all the defects caused by him in full detail. He then suddenly took out a closure agreement and forced me to sign.

After many discussion finally, he agreed to come back and settle while I signed the termination notice which indicates he settle the Whatsapp msg by agreeing to it. Again he conned me by handing $1300 than say let me do it while going to the airport.
I trusted him and drive him over since he said he didn’t have any cash only to find out he had left my units main gate and door wide open and didn’t even bother to close anything while I was helping his parents settle their luggage……..
I rushed back and took a video of my unit which simply looks like a rubbish bin….and since I have solid evidence now filed a small claim and had informed him will make a civil case if not settled.


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