THIEVES MARKET IN SUNGEI ROAD gone due to modernization!


Dear Singapore Uncensored,

With modernization being the priority to the Singapore authorities and not been keen to keep ironic memories the thieves markets has to be chased away sooner or later. Projected by this July, despite surviving for 80 years and through the world war II, the well know Sungei Road Thieves Market will be gone.

The Sungei Road Mrt station and future residential developments are expected to be taking over the space. Re-arrangement of the roads are expected to be done too. Few years down the road, its humble beginnings would appear totally different. As old peddlers would be forced to leave and fade to history they wouldn’t be able to sell their second hand goods there.

Sadly our future generation would be only hear from the older one regarding the memories as the old Singapore is vanishing at a steady pace.

-Uncle Tan


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