Dear Friends,

Kindly share the below incident to whoever using iPhone , please aware and keep in mind always:

Last Saturday , I was in Pavillion with my wife and young kid . Unfortunately , my wife iPhone was stolen in the Zara shop . The pick pocket open the zip of the bag and stolen the phone during we are standing at the blind spot of the CCTV . We noticed the phone was lost within 10 minutes from the incident .

I tried to call the phone but unfortunately the phone was already turned off . I immediately using the app ‘ find my iPhone ‘ and the status of the phone was showed offline . I turn on the lost mode and lock mode to avoid any else to login the phone . Police report made after that .

Three days passed , my wife received a mms from an unknown sender which show the iPhone was found in KLCC and given a link written ‘apple support’ . To view the location of the phone , we required to key in the Apple ID and password again . Without think twice , We hv follow the instruction given and input the ID and password . The link given was a scam which sent out from the thief to get your ID and password . Within 5 mins , my wife phone was erase from the find my iPhone .

I believe they sucessfully unlock the phone and sell to the market .

I hope you all able to share to your friend who using apple. Never provide your Apple ID and password to any unknown LINK even though written APPLE SUPPORT.

I admit we are careless without think twice before taking any further action . I hope my sharing able to help others in the future .

Thank you very much .

Have a nice day ~~


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