The Water Bottle Story in Competition between Agus Prayogo and Soh Rui Yong” @ SEA GAMES


photo credits: detik sports

Had largely forgotten about this until now, but thankfully a journalist observed that one moment in the final 8.9km loop of the 2017 SEA Games Marathon when I grabbed my water bottle at a designated hydration station, then saw Agus miss his drink.

I took a swig, then offered the remainder of my isotonic drink to Agus. He declined, but after the race, had this to say to the Indonesian media:

“Yes, that means that even if we are enemies on the field, we still maintain sportsmanship, he can drink, I do not take a drink, so he gave me a chance if I would take (his drink).”

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Source: FB post by Soh Rui Yong


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