The ITE Fight Occurred Because Victim Was Having Sex With A Girl In The Toilet


“Facebook Comment: The guy in the white shirt misbehaved with a girl in the same school and that white shirt guy(the one that got beat up) is not innocent too.”

“He brought the girl to the boy’s toilet to have sex with her in the cubicle.

“That’s the reason why the guy is bashing him up.” “But no matter what it’s not a right thing to bash someone up just like that.”” He could have settled it in a different way.”

“Fighting is never a solution. Both sides have their mistakes”

• The guy that got beaten up previously brought a girl to the toilet for sex, film it and post online.
• Guy beating him up treat the girl like his sister (this god brother kind 🤷🏻‍♀️) so he decided to confront him.
• the person who post the comment think that this is wrong too and they should talk it out.


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