The Fall Of The Ringgit: Many find work in Singapore


Caused by the depreciation of the ringgit, the number of local people who go abroad to find work in Singapore has risen in the last year.

Executive Director of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF). Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said, it is estimated, 24 percent of local workers willing to quit her job last year to find more revenue in the neighboring country.

“Since the beginning of the ringgit began shrinking last year, at least two per cent of workers in our country have resigned and emigrated to foreign workers in Singapore every month, or 24 per cent since January last year until today,” said Shamsuddin told China Press.
According to him, if working in Singapore, the higher the income earned between 2 to 2.5 times the salary earned in Malaysia.

“The Singapore dollar higher than the Malaysian ringgit. So it is not surprising that many of our citizens, especially young people and singles are willing to go find a job in Singapore,” said Shamsuddin.

Shamsuddin also confirmed for the moment, most of the coffee shops and restaurants in Johor Bahru facing a shortage of workers after local workers go to make a living in Singapore.

“Many operators of shops and restaurants in Johor Bahru are facing big problems in finding staff. This development is believed will continue in force for a relatively long time and it is quite disturbing to our country,” he said.

He advised the local people who wish to work in Singapore need to think deeply, especially for citizens who want to Johor Bahru commute daily.


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