Thai Mother Force Own 12 Years To F*ck Step Father. “Dont worry Mama Put Condom For Papa”


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Reported By Thailand Official News(Reported On TV) – A 12-year-old that was accompanied by her uncle reported to the police station on 10-Feb-2017 that she has been raped by her step father for two years. The father got arrested.

Mother: 39 Years old

Step Father: 25 YEARS OLD

Victim: 12 year old girl

On a evening 2 years ago, Her real blood mother(39 years old) asked her 12 year old if she was willing to sleep with her step father for the night. Initially the 12 year old victim rejected her mother and said no.

Mom reply: Dont worry. Mama will put condom on papa. I will guide you

The daughter was eventually forced by her mother to have sex with her step father for two years.

The mother had to force her because she fear that after rejecting to her husband’s demands the 25 year old husband will break up with her

The 12 year old confided in her 17 year old sister and said that she had been sexually abused for the past two years. The sister had no choice but to contact her uncle’s for help and eventually it was brought to light which lead to the arrest of the monster.





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