Thai GF Stample and Stomp on SG Boyfriend’s Head Till He Die!! (North Bridge Road)


A Thai woman Sukanya Praphuttha in her 40s attacked and eventually killed her boyfriend Lee Yang Boo after quarreling with him. The incident was sparked by Lee when he was angry and scolded Praphuttha who was dancing with a guy in a club. Which lead to the squabble.

Later on in the night the victim scolded Praphuttha with vulgarities and ended up into a fight. Lee ended on the floor and Praphuttha step on him and stomped his head till the skill fracture which eventually lead to his death.

Lee for being 10Kgs lighter than her got assaulted and he was heard shouting “don’t beat me”.

Sukanya Praphuttha was sentenced to 5 and a half years of jail time for the murder of her boyfriend.



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