Thai Disco Girl: “If You Hang Me Flower. I Will Love You Forever”


untitled_censoredDear Singapore Uncensored,

Ok i have this friend that is a newbie in the night scene and he got addicted to Thai discos after i brought him over once. I am a veteran in the night life and gave him so much advise till my mouth dry. I do not know how to help him.

He told me that he is in love with this thai girl at one of Singapore’s big thai disco joints. He told me that he cannot resist her and wants to see her everyday. Being a veteran i took his phone from him and see the message exchange of the girl. It’s quite obvious the girl is a lao jiao (experienced) and trying to chop my friend.

I told him that if the girl really love you she would not ask you come down give her flower every night. Sometimes even ask him for money directly. Walan cannot even converse to her properly want to have what love.

I have seen cases of other friends really gotten in a serious relationship with the girls and the girl tell him not to hang flower and save the money for future marriage. well the marriage did happen. My current friend saw how my friends got happily married and believe he can do the same.

Not saying that there is no love in some cases. But it is rare. Most people leave thai discos with nothing but a empty wallet.

How to advise him. I don’t know what to say anymore. Should i let him learn it the hard way?

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