Teenagers told me to f*ck off,pointed middle at me because I told them not to smoke under my blk



Moral qualities and thoughtfulness were getting less seen in most young people. Teenagers used to have self- regard,  thought, goodness, appropriateness, genuineness and exemplary nature, and had enough self-control to hold to these qualities.

As I am writing this complaint, these ethical qualities and self-restraint are gradually reducing throughout the years, as the majority of the more youthful era are bit by bit ignoring these morals. The recorded qualities have gradually blurred away, as they mean little to these youths, as good values and self-restraint are very nearly vanishing.

This group of teenager were getting rowdy and they would smoke and throw all their cigarette butts and leftover tidbits all around the place. One night I decided it was enough so I went down to tell them off. What really shock me is that one of them presuming is their leader tell me auntie fu*k off lah and pointed the middle finger at me. I was very angry I told them i will be calling the police! It was then they decided to run away. Nowsdays the kids really lack the respect!


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