One day, a known sleazy guy came up to me with his Windows 10 laptop and told me that it had recently been running really slow, showing a lot of ads and that it seemed his storage was becoming less and less available, though he did not download or install anything.

This sounded like a computer that was riddled with viruses and other malicious files. I told him that Windows needed to be reinstalled (using one of the handy Windows 10 flash drives I carry around with me), and asked him if there were any files that he needed off of the computer.

He said yes, and showed me where the folder he wanted to be recovered. I told him I would email him the files, or upload them and send him the link if they were too large to send in the first way.

The folder turned out to be one chock-full of images and videos, the size exceeding 4 GB. So I started uploading them.

When I upload photos, each shows up on the screen in full-size until it is done uploading, and then moves on to the next one. Because of this, I learned really quickly that each every item in this folder was some form of pornography.

And it wasn’t all women. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (Anyone know what I’m referencing here?)

And keep in mind, this was all taking place at school, so I couldn’t just leave this thing out in the open and let it finish uploading it without looking at it. I had to keep it close enough to me that nobody else could see it. I proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes holding a laptop with thousands of adult images flashing across the screen as close to me as possible, all while trying not to look at them.

Once they finished, I closed the folder as quickly as I could, wiped the hard drive clean, and installed a fresh copy of the OS.

Later, I went and found the owner of the laptop to return it to him. At this point, he, with a worried look on his face, asked me, “Out of curiosity, did you, uh, look at any of the stuff in that folder that I wanted you to save?”

I just shoved the laptop at his chest, gave him a pissed look, and walked away. I think he got the message.

That was not a fun day.

Source : Quora Post by Julian Frank


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