Taxi driver force old woman out of taxi with extreme force.



(image source: tnp)

Elderly woman got dragged out of the taxi after having a squabble with the taxi driver.

The incident occur at on last saturday night at approximately 11pm. The woman board the taxi telling the driver to send her to Teban gardens. The woman shown consistent attitude to the driver forcing the driver to get pissed out.
After asking the lady to leave the taxi and failed. The taxi driver was angry at the elderly lady and decide to use physical force. He dragged her out of the cab and dump her into the floor.

In a news report, the lady told the taxi she is a Singaporean .

Singapore Uncensored: eh Singaporean Big fk ah? i also singaporean, u dont be retarded. U think what? you special ah? lim bei also Singaporean lei.

The incident started when she was giving bad attitude to the taxi.
The taxi driver had no choice but to use drag her out of the taxi physically. The woman in the picture showed a face of distress but Who is in the wrong?


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