Tampines Murder – Indon Maid Stabbed 77-Year-Old Woman In The Throat!!!


A 37-year-old Indonesian maid has been arrested after finding out that she is related to the death of a 77-year-old wheelchair-bound grandmother.

Police said the suspect will be charged in Court for murder. The 37-year-old woman was the domestic helper of the victim.

The victim was found slumped in her wheelchair with a knife stuck in her throat and blood all around her. The domestic helper Mina was just employed 1 month ago to help care for the victim as she became confined to the wheelchair due to a stroke.

The death happened just after the victim’s husband left the house, when paramedic arrived, the old lady was pronounced dead at the scene.

Yet another case of murder by Indonesian maids. The list adds on. Look at the article below.

How Many Employers Have Died In The Hands Of Indonesian Maids?



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