Have you ever wondered what leads someone to commit animal abuse?

The ex-girlfriend of the convicted Tampines cat abuser contacted the Cat Welfare Society when she read the news that he was arrested. She agreed to meet with us to tell her story and give insights as to what makes an animal abuser tick.

According to the ex-girlfriend, she had broken up with Fajar because he was physically abusive towards her. She sustained many injuries during her time with him, including a bleeding dent on her forehead once when he threw a mobile phone at her.

Studies around the world have shown that animal abuse does not happen in a vacuum. Even when an abuser does not look like an abuser, with all the appearance of an upstanding citizen, the signs are almost always there in a history of misconduct and violence. Often however, it is only the closest ones who knows and they are the ones most likely to stay silent.

We commend Sarah* for her bravery in coming forward with her story. We hope her story draws a distinct link that animal abusers do not just abuse animals. As a society, we must recognise the signs early and never ignore or tolerate abuse of any kind. Seek help. Report it. Save your loved ones and inadvertently, you may also save an innocent animal’s life whose crime was simply to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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