Sun Ho The Next Whitney Houston? Court Laughing At CHEW ENG HAN



The request hearing for City Harvest Church is progressing today. CHC is blamed for misusing S$50 million worth of chapel assets. S$24 million of this was spent on Sun Ho’s singing profession, which included sumptuous and inefficient spending on Sun’s extravagant way of life in the US.

Previous asset supervisor Chew Eng Han stood firm today and affirmed about Sun Ho. He said that he believed that the minister’s 44 year old spouse was a “uber star” and that she could proselytize with her tunes in the event that she was effective.

Yet, as a general rule, the congregation had purchased up unsold load of Sun’s collections to make her appear to be fruitful. Bite says he even gave S$1 million to the congregation and was mentally programmed by Kong Hee like different individuals to trust Sun Ho was a win.

The court broke out into crazy giggling when Chew Eng Han said, “On the off chance that this was a trick, it is the most exceedingly terrible thoroughly considered scheme ever”.

To which, the judge answered “It looks that approach to me as well.”


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