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So my 2 adult children and 2 grandkids were excitedly looking forward to landing yesterday evening here in Singapore on their Scoot flight from Sydney due to take off at 12.30pm. At 1pm they were told there was a 1-2 hour delay. 5 hours later after no intervening communication, they said there were technical problems.
A little while later they cancelled the flight. Told sydneysiders to go home & flight would be 8 am today. Because they were from Melbourne they got put up at Novotel in city with room service ( one and only positive) Shuttle picks them up 5 am.

At 8am told 1.5 hour delay. At 9.30 told a person checked their bags in but didn’t get on flight so they had to locate their bags and remove them. At 11am taxied out then captain announced return to gate because of technical problems- different technical problems to yesterday.At 12.30 some people demanded their luggage back & would make alternative arrangements. That held them up an hour. They finally left at 1.30pm. Hopefully they will arrive at 6.30pm this eve.

Worst thing beside the shocking delays and poor communication?
This message from my daughter says it all:

The absolute gem for me was the conversation I just had with the head of crew: could I please have some food and drink for the kids / did you pre-order / no / oh so you’d like to buy food / um definitely not, I’d like you to arrange something for all the children on the plane who have been amazing / but people will have to buy the food / no, I think it would be a very fair gesture of goodwill to the passengers if you could provide everyone with something, making the children the priority / mmm yes, thank you for the suggestion, at the moment we just need to focus on getting the plane ready for clearance and I will come back to you.

This one as well:

THEN on asking to charge our phone and again told we will have to pay for that service!!!

Message learned! NEVER fly Scoot! Too unreliable, no genuine care or concern for passengers – cheap price yes but nothing else.

Source: FB post by ‎Myrene Hooper‎ 


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