S’pore Guy Cheating His Girlfriend On Tinder!


img_8862_censoredDear Singapore Uncensored,

Recently I found out that a guy I met on tinder used a fake name, and lied about many things. The most important one being: he gave me his Twitter account and his display picture is with a girl, and he lied saying that she was his ‘sister’ and only admitted she was his ‘ex’ until he was left with no other way of continuing the lie. He was a compulsive liar, verbally abusive, and manipulative.1818

After I fell out with him, I also found out that his pictures on tinder were fake (and I have the proof – I found out who those people in the pics really were). I have screenshots of all this, and a part of me wants to drop all of this, but another part of me is livid and unwilling to let him get away with this.

The fact that he has so much to hide and is lying about so many things gives me more reason to believe that the girl is not his ex but his current gf that he is cheating on. I feel the need to expose him, but I’m not sure if exposing someone constitutes as illegal defamation – does it make a difference if they are based on facts rather than opinion?

Submitted By: Jane (contact us page)


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